The Make Mentions are a bit hard to define.  Playing a collection of original tunes, The Make Mentions are an indie rock band with gritty guitar riffs, acoustic slide, asymmetrical rhythms, phat tones, dark themes, dissonant chords, and pop hooks.  Jazzy? A little bit.  Folksy? Sure, sort of.  Bluesy? Yep, some of that.  Rock? Of course.  Love Ballads? Maybe one or two, but mostly unrequited love.  Christine Wichert, Brian Wichert, D Davis and Bryan Aubin are a collision of musical textures and genres that has become their own unique brand.  The Press (Claremont, CA) described their music as, “their own experimental, yet well-crafted pop/rock.”  BigHeavyWorld.com recently reported that, “…together they concoct introspective tracks with haunting vocals and jarring lyrics forcing the listener to take a journey and look within, towards the personal tribulations of life.” 
We recommend you see for yourself. 
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